Canvas Art Gallery

Maria Khan

Vanity is Stronger than Love at Sixteen

9th - 18th January 2018


Maria Khan exhibits her new series “ Vanity is Stronger than Love at Sixteen “ , at Canvas Gallery on Tuesday January 9th 2018 , from 5 pm - 8 pm.

An MA ( Honors ) from the prestigious National College of Arts ( NCA ) , Lahore and a faculty member of the Punjab University , Maria is always on the lookout for characters that inspire. Their features; large eyes, wide shoulders, strong necks are the start of a story leading to a vision of these characters in a setting with flowers, berries and fruits – a garden of mystic adding to their lost gaze or the print of the fabric they are dressed in. All these ingredients are glued together through charcoal and conte`; dark background and big solid colors - depictions of emotions of fantastically drawn, larger than life figures – scandalous characters. Placed in a dreamlike aura the figures possess strong and large bodies, enhanced features – each telling their own story.

“ The process is a journey of discovery; partly of self. These visuals are in our head, all of us have locked them away far from the eyes of the public. Unlike us these figures are comfortable in their skins and emotions regardless of the norms of the society they live in and very much like us they aspire for more – love, beauty, power and the stars.

Inspired from the works of Botticelli, Manet and Paula Rego, my work is an expression of stories and secrets that I carry within."

The show remains open daily until Thursday January 18th 2018 , from 11 am - 8 pm ( excluding Sunday )



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