Canvas Art Gallery

Nadia Khawaja

Play Along

3rd - 12th October 2017


Nadia Khawaja’s “ Play Along “ , opens at Canvas Gallery on Tuesday October 3rd 2017 , from 5 pm - 8 pm.

Nadia Khawaja in continuity with her explorations in drawing and other media, uses geometric shapes in vivid color to bring together surfaces some of which are heroically large in scale. She interweaves and harmonizes these elements into fields and spaces, which contain and give ground to these potentially conflicting and complementary elements thus bringing them together into a cohesive whole, which expresses its own subjective sense of harmony. These are playful and free spirited works, which reveal an interest in questions of identity, nature, personal and universal, order and chaos, music and movement. One gets a feel of a visual language at once abstract, poetic, symbolic, personal yet universal.

An alumni of the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore, Nadia works with a wide range of mediums including drawing, photography, video and painting.

Her work has been shown in various group and solo shows nationally and internationally.

The show remains open daily until October 12th 2017 from 11 am to 8 pm ( excluding Sunday )


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