Canvas Art Gallery

Dua Abbas Rizvi
Wardha Shabbir

Maps of Skin and Spirit

29th August - 9th September 2017


“ Maps of Skin and Spirit “ , a show of 2 dynamic emerging artists : Dua Abbas Rizvi and WardhaShabbir starts at Canvas Gallery on Tuesday August 29th 2017 from 5 pm - 8 pm.

Both artists are alumni and faculty members of the prestigious National College of Arts ( NCA ) Lahore .

The show remains open daily until Saturday September 9th 2017 ( excluding Sunday and Eid Holidays ) , from 11 am - 8 pm.

“ These new works stem from two sets of photographic source material: photographs that I have taken over time and at different places during my travels, and photographs borrowed from family albums. Working with the subliminal and, at times, inadvertent narratives of these photographs, comparative folklore, and stories connected to the sitters, I have attempted to piece together disparate timeframes, personal histories, and symbolisms through the medium of the Feminine “ . DUA ABBAS RIZVI

“ Stemming from my interest in the myriad contradictions that inform human behavior, the symbol of the path has come to inform some of my recent work. The discourse surrounding predestination or fatalism as having more, or the only, influence over our lives as opposed to personal choice being the catalyst for our fates is still an active one in the theology of my predominantly Muslim culture ‘’ . WARDHA SHABBIR



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