Canvas Art Gallery

Karachi Literature Festival 2016



is a group show comprising of works by 18 emerging artists of Pakistan. The artists include recent graduates from the Centre of Excellence of Art and Design ( CEAD ) Jamshoro, Indus Vallery School of Art and Architecture (IVS) Karachi, Department of Visual Studies, Karachi University (KU) and the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore.

A multimedia show of painting, Sculpture, video and installations, the aim is to present the diversity of contemporary art from Pakistan to a wider audience in a public space. While art patrons who frequent art galleries and art institutions are aware of the changing vocabulary in art, the public at large is not exposed to the new trends, due to lack of art museums, negligble art in public spaces and overall art awareness.

The young participating artists constitute the future of our country. They are the ones who will be in the news tomorrow. Here is a little window into the future.

Sameera raja


  • Artwork

  • Display

  • Opening Day

  • Ahsan Javaid

  • Ahsan Memon

  • Ali Saad

  • Hamid Hanbhi

  • Muhammad Arslan Farooqi

  • Marjan Bani Asadi

  • Muhammad Mohsin Shaikh

  • Veera Rustomji

  • Hira Khan

  • Noreen Ali

  • Afaan Nadeem

  • Shahana Afaq

  • Mariya Rehan

  • Shafaq Afzal

  • Mujtaba Asif

  • Sabahat Aqueem

  • Toqeer Soomro

  • Hafsa Shaikh



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